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Important Dates

May 21 SAT Scholar Dinner

June 13- Graduation

Drivers Education Classes will not be offered in July and August in 2015.

 SAT Opportunities:

*Urgent Need: Parks and Recreation (Onslow Pines)- Baseball see Mr. Tucker for details or call Tim Guice 910-340-7088.

* Salvation Army @ Triangle- Critical Need

* Junior Staff Program: Sturgeon City- NEW

Details at: or contact

Amber Mallard O: (910) 938-5079   F: (910) 938-0053

Applications are also available in the front office.

2014-15 Graduation Project
Parent Portal Guidelines

Sports Events
•  Fourth Round of Playoffs  (Soccer - Varsity Women)
•  Regionals  (Soccer - Varsity Women)
•  Practice  (Cheerleading - Varsity)
Time: 3:45 PM
•  Practice  (Cheerleading - Varsity)
Time: 3:45 PM
•  Practice  (Cheerleading - Varsity)
Time: 3:45 PM
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Click on the link below to access information about the SAT Scholarship requirements:   On June 2, 2010, North Carolina adopted the Common Core State Standards... The New Essential Standards are written using the Revised Bloom's...