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Concert Band: Stallion Winds

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Welcome to Concert Band! I am very excited to meet and work with you on what hopes to be an exciting and educational semester. This semester I will be challenging the students musically, while giving them an education according to the National Standards for Music Education as well as North Carolina’s Essential Standards for Music Education.




Instrument (including specific materials for instruments such as reeds, mutes, mallets, sticks, etc.)

Habits of a Successful Musician (Must be purchased)

Warm Ups (these will be given to the students the first full weeks of classes)

Repertoire (this will be given to the students the first full weeks of classes)

Tuner / Metronome (optional, but highly suggested)


Onslow County Band Fee

Every student that receives a credit for this course must pay the fee of $10.00. This fee is used to purchase items needed for the Southwest Bands. This fee must be paid to Mr. Barton instead of their homeroom teacher.


Concert Attire

Students are responsible for obtaining and wearing the following attire for concerts. Students will not be allowed to perform if they are not dressed in the mandated attire.


  • Concert Attire (Males)
  1. White, long sleeve, button down shirt with collar
  2. Black bowtie
  3. Black dress pants
  4. Black Belt
  5. Black socks
  6. Black shoes

Concert Attire (Females)

  1. Black floor length dress or pants suit
  2. Black dress heels or flats
  3. NO WHITE or other accent colors



Use bathroom and take care of all personal needs before the down beat of rehearsal 

Be present at all rehearsals unless you are physically unable to do so

All book bags and cases are not to be brought to your seat. Leave these against the wall

Be prepared (this includes having all materials for rehearsal and non-rehearsal days)

Practice the repertoire given outside of the class period and rehearsals


Raise your hand and be acknowledged before speaking

Gum, food, and beverages are strictly prohibited in this classroom. Water is allowed

Adhere to the Southwest High School Student Handbook





Parental Notification

Written Referral and Parental Notification


Electronics Policy

Students participating in Concert Band this semester will be learning how to use SmartMusic, a program that allows students to perform with accompaniment as well as be assessed on scales, excerpts, and music concepts taught throughout their time in the course. While every student may not be able to purchase a tuner, a cell phone may be used only for tuning purposes in class. Please see the list of recommended applications. Students using electronic devices for any of other reason will adhere to the sanctions below:

If I see it, I take it…to the office directly

Refusal or 2nd time will result in Written Referral and Parental Notification to pick up phone from the office.




Lockers are a privelege. Students that are in Concert Band are allowed to us the lockers provided. Lockers must be kept clean. Students are not allowed to leave clothes, food, or beverages in their locker (this includes your lunch). Students are encouraged to put a lock on their locker. We have a few that can be provided but it is highly suggested that the student bring one of their own. Below are the consequences for students who do not maintain the locker expectations:


Lunch Detention

Locker Privilege Revoked for 1 week

Locker Privilege Revoked for Semester



Students who are absent from class will have ONE DAY AFTER THEIR RETURN to complete any graded material. Assignments turned in beyond the extension will be reduced 10 points from the original grade received.  It is the student’s responsibility to schedule their makeup tests and turn in their class work. If serious illness occurs, parents should contact the director to discuss accommodations.



Tardiness is only excused if the student brings a note from their previous instructor. Students who are not ready to perform at 1:01pm (without a note) will be considered tardy. Below are the consequences:

3 tardies = Lunch Detention

> 5 tardies = Written Referral



Grading: G1/G2/G3 (Each Grading Period is 25% of your Final Grade)

Performances (equivalent to tests) 40%

All students in the ensemble must be present for scheduled rehearsals and performances. Should there be an occasion where a conflict prevents a student from rehearsing or performing, the parent must provide an Absence Request Form TWO WEEKS PRIOR. 

Concert Dates: Spring 2018

March 1st - Pre MPA Concert 7:00pm

May 22nd - Spring Concert 6:30pm

June 11th - Graduation (Students will be chosen by Mr. Barton) 5:00pm


It is highly recommended that students work around the schedule because the performance is the assessment and application of their skills. A schedule has been attached for all rehearsals and performances this semester. Please keep in mind that some dates could change depending on the arrangement of certain activities and weather. If illness occurs, parents should contact the director.  Notes other than the Absence Request Form will not be accepted.


Scales/Etudes/Excerpts/Class Work (equivalent to tests and quizzes) 40 %

All students will be given the all-state honors band scale requirements. The students will be working on these to improve their finger dexterity, speed, rhythm, articulation, and theory of music (all percussionist will perform these on mallets). Percussionists will also be learning rudiments as well.


Students will be given etudes and excerpts that help teach the music we are learning during the semester. Students will be working on these to improve their finger dexterity, speed, rhythm, articulation, and theory (all percussionist will perform these on mallets or their assigned percussion instrument for the piece).


Written assignments are included in this category because they are used to evaluate and apply musical literacy, and contextual relevancy.


The students must take the extra step and practice these at home, before or after school, or during Power Hour (upon approval). 


Ensemble Etiquette 20%

This is daily rubric is used to compile a weekly grade of 100 points (20pts per day). Students are expected to practice and model rehearsal strategies that are beneficial to the entire ensemble.


  • Brings all materials and is prepared each day to class – 5pts
  • Demonstrating good posture – 5pts
  • Measure of growth (comes prepared to perform their part better) – 5pts
  • Engagement (participates in discussion, asking questions, listening, performing) – 5pts



Final Exam: F1

Performance and Theory Exam 25%

The final shall consist of two components: 1) Performance Jury which allows the student to demonstrate all skills learned in the course and 2) Theory Exam which allows the student to demonstrate their knowledge of music notation and comprehension. 

Scales & Requirements

All students are required to learn the 12 Major Scales. During the semester students will be tested on these and must complete them at according to the level they have signed up for. Students will be asked to perform these scales in class while peers are among them. This helps build confidence for performances, auditions, and personal growth. Students will not be able to move to the next level unless these requirements are met. In order to pass off scales, the student must score a 3 or higher.



Pass Off Criteria

Band Beginning

All 12 Major Scales/Arpeggios


Quarter Note = 60

All District Format

Tongued & Slurred

Band Intermediate

All 12 Harmonic Minor Scales/Arpeggios


Quarter Note = 64

All District Format

Tongued & Slurred

Band Proficient*

All 12 Natural Minor Scales/Arpeggios


Quarter Note = 68           

All District Format

Tongued & Slurred

Band Advanced*

All 12 Melodic Minor Scales/Arpeggios


Quarter Note = 72

All District Format

Tongued & Slurred

* Indicates Honors Level – Students must complete to receive Honors Credit



 Etudes and Excerpts

Students will receive etudes (study pieces) at the beginning of each 6 Week Grading Period. The etude will be no more than 16 measures, but they present concepts that students should be retaining while they are in band. Students must play the etude and receive a passing score (3 or higher) in order to move on to the next etude. Music that we will be playing on concerts and events are also subjected to assessment. Students will have to perform excerpts from the music we are working on during the semester.

Rubric for Scales, Etudes, and Excerpts

Below is the rubric that will be used to help assess our students’ growth as musicians. All exercises will be graded from 0 – 5. In order to pass off any task, the student must score a 3 or higher during the assessment. Students will be allowed to improve their score during Power Hour, class time (when allowed), and after school.

Writing Assignments/Evaluations

All written assignments and written evaluations will be graded using the Southwest High School Writing Rubric. This rubric is used throughout our school to promote excellent writing habits for all students. This rubric can be found later in the syllabus. 


Late Assignments

All late assignments will be graded and then 10 points is deducted for each day it is late.


Performance Jury & Upper Level Considerations

At the end of the semester, students will be asked to demonstrate materials learned through a Performance Jury. The requirements for the juries will be listed according to their course level. This will count as 60% of their final exam. Should a student wish to progress to an upper level of the course (for example, beginning to intermediate), it must be indicated before their Performance Jury with Mr. Barton. The student must pass with an 85% or higher to be considered for a higher placement.


Alternative/Make up Assignments

In order to make up a missed performance, the student must complete one of the following assignments. The creation of these assignments was based upon the percentage of a performance, in determining a student’s grade, and the amount of time involved in a performance. Remember, performances are 40% (almost half) of a student’s grade and can last 4-12 hours, from the time of arrival to departure, depending on the type of performance (i.e. football game, parade, competition).

Choose an instrument from the concert band and discuss its creation, history, famous artists, etc.

Choose a composer from music history and discuss their life, education, compositional genres, notable works, important musical accomplishments, etc. 

Choose one of the following continents: Asia, South America, Africa, or Australia. Discuss the styles of music, instruments, artists, and cultural influences on music specific to that region.

Choose a genre of music and discuss its origins, evolution, musical characteristics, artist, etc.

Choose one artist from a particular genre and discuss their life, education, compositional genres, notable works, important musical accomplishments, etc.


Essays can be written (8 pages in length) or typed (4 pages double spaced). If typed the paper must be Times New Roman and 12 point font. Essays are due 1 week after the excused date (unless the director has given permission to extend the due date).



Power Hour

This semester Power Hour will be used for lessons and sectionals to improve the students’ performance quality and quiz grades. No student will be allowed to hang out or socialize in the band room unless they are practicing or being instructed in a sectional. Power Hour may also be used for full ensemble rehearsals as well. Students will be notified when these rehearsals will take place.


Overall I look forward to working with you this semester. My goal is to add to your knowledge of music and keep you actively engaged in the performing arts. Should you or your parents have any questions about the nature of this course, please contact me. Thank you, and welcome to the start of your second semester Stallions!