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Freshman Nation

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Director - Mrs. Julie Pollock Phone Icon (910) 455-4888 Email Icon Email
  Guidance - Mrs. Kim Edwards Phone Icon (910) 455-4888 Email Icon Email

Freshman Nation

Freshman Nation is a small community of learning with special features to aid in the transition from middle school to high school. Students are divided into houses for their advisory where they participate in various lessons centered around Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. The mission of Freshman Nation is to provide the fundamental steps for a successful transition into high school and encourage life-long learning by maximizing student potential through a variety of educational and social opportunities to meet the needs of all students presented in a culturally positive, emotionally safe, and physically secure environment. Freshman Nation will provide each student with an environment that values and supports individuals. Emphasis is placed on student organization, building relationships, high expectations, student learning and future relevance.

The Freshman Nation program is sub-divided into “houses” with four homerooms in each house. There will be various presentations from Mrs. Edwards presented to the houses throughout the school year. The houses are as follows:

Priestley                     Parker                         Peed                       

Novonty                      Sharpe                           Dempsey

Pollock                        Barnes                           Barton

Jenkins                        Baldwin                         Watts