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Safe and Civil Schools

About Safe & Civil Schools

For over 30 years, Safe & Civil Schools has remained committed to improving school climate and culture using a proactive, positive, and instructional approach developed and refined by Dr. Randy Sprick.

Randy began his career as a paraprofessional in a program for children with severe emotional disabilities. His experiences working with these children and their teachers inspired him to pursue a teaching degree. After several years of teaching, Randy began supervising and coaching teachers working in impoverished neighborhoods. He broadened his coaching activities when he founded his own company and began developing user-friendly resources for educators.

Through Safe & Civil Schools, Randy continues to help teachers and school staff create workable, effective solutions to problem behaviors across all school settings-schoolwide, in the classroom, and with individual students. A look at his proven practices shows the efficacy of his approach.


Safe, Civil, and Caring Schools functions as part of the

Department of Instructional Services and Continuous Improvement.  

Our mission is to provide safe and civil environment

so that students become ethical, healthy and productive citizens